Universal Studios Singapore

I love theme parks. I love the rides, the over the top theming and the atmosphere! So on my recent trip to Singapore, I could not resist a visit to Universal Studios. Located on the island of Sentosa, it is only a short drive, cable car ride or ride on the Sentosa Express from the mainland. Opened in 2011, it is only the second theme park of its kind in Asia (after Japan) and the first in South East Asia. This theme park covers about 20 hectares and has 7 themed worlds; New York (Sesame Street), Hollywood, Madagascar, Far Far Away (Shrek), Ancient Egypt, Lost world (Jurassic Park & Waterworld) and Sci Fi City.

Far Far Away Castle

Far Far Away Castle

Universal Studios Singapore features around 24 attractions with 18 of these being exclusive or specifically adapted for the park. Universal Studios Singapore also features the tallest duelling roller coasters in the world. At 42.5 meters, Battlestar Galactica Cylon Vs Human, features a standard steel rollercoaster track with no inversions and a top speed of 90km/hour (red for human) and a suspended, legs free coaster with several inversions including a Zero G roll and cork screws as well as a 5 meter plunge into a smoke filled pit (blue for Cylon). As these are the only 2 large coasters in the park, wait times are long. During the day at the park I did not see them drop below 60 minutes and saw them regularly higher than 80 minutes.

Other attractions for thrill seekers include The Revenge of the Mummy Ride and the Transformers 4 D Ride. If you get too hot in the Singapore heat, I recommend the Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure, but be warned, you will get soaked! A majority of the rides seem to be aimed at children, however they are fun never the less! My favourites (besides the Mummy Ride!) were actually some of the junior coasters, like the Puss in Boots ride which opened early 2015 and the Enchanted Airways coaster, both in Far Far Away.

Ship from the Madagascar movies.

Ship from the Madagascar movies.

So here are some tips for Universal Studios Singapore:

1. Arrive at the park opening. Like most of Singapore, the park only opens about 10 am, however this is one of the quieter periods to get on the big rides!

2. Consider a package. I recommend the Triple Pass. For $110SGD it includes a 1 Day pass to Universal Studios, a ticket to the S.E.A Aquarium and unlimited cable car rides.

3. Break up the day. Universal Studios Singapore offers pass outs, so during the hottest and busiest parts of the day, I would recommend you go to the S.E.A Aquarium or another attraction and escape the crowds and heat. The ride times seem to quieten in the afternoon.

4. Damp shoes are not fun. If you go on the Jurassic park ride with sneakers on they will be wet for the whole day

5. You only need 1 day.  Depending on wait times, the park will only take about 3-4 hours to go around once.

6. Consider which day to visit. As with all theme parks, week days outside of public and school holidays will be the quietest.

7. Stay hydrated and be sun smart! Singapore is hot and humid.