Universal Studios Florida


If you are a Harry Potter fan, Universal Studios Florida will probably be already on your must see list. I was very lucky to tick this one off my list this summer, only months after the opening of the Diagon Ally expansion to the park. This is in addition to the existing Hogsmead/Hogwarts section and together the experience was so much more then I could have imagined! Universal has gone to great lengths to be faithful to the movies, Diagon Ally reflecting the latest ones in particular.

Of course, there is much more to Universal then Harry Potter. The Florida park is split into 2 separate parks, Universal Studios and Universal Islands of Adventure. With features such as Springfield from The Simpsons, Dr Suess landing and Marvel Superheros, there is plenty for the whole family.

Here are some tips for a visit to Universal Studios Florida:

1. Get a park to park pass. It doesn’t matter if you are visiting for 1 day or 1 week, without the park to park you can only visit either Universal Studios or Islands of Adventure per day. This makes the biggest impact with the Harry Potter lands, Hogsmead is located in one park and Diagon Ally is in the other. They are connected by the Hogwarts Express, which can only be used by park to park ticket holder.
2. Keep an eye out for early entry passes and deals. This gives you entry 1 hour before park opening to visit limited areas of the park. I had an early entry pass for Diagon Ally, which lets you visit the attractions and rides in that area without the usual large crowds. Follow our blog for good deals.
3. Go Midweek. As for crowds, there are times of the year that are generally quieter then others, and midweek is always better then weekends.
4. Use the Park Accommodation. Choose accommodation that is either owned or partnered with Universal. This usually gets you specials such as free transfers, packaged tickets or early entry options.
5. Be prepared. Wear sensible shoes as you will be walking a lot! Don’t forget the sunscreen as Florida is quite tropical. Lockers are available for free for specific periods of time (30mins-1hour) outside each of the more extreme rides. My best tip? Bring a poncho for the water rides! You will probably still get wet, just not soaked!