Travelling In Your Own Backyard

Miracle of miracles, you have the whole weekend off! And so does the kids/partner/friends! What are you going to do? Sit around the house all day and catch up on the housework? That’s not fun at all. Why not take off for the day or the weekend? No matter where you live in Australia, there is always somewhere to disappear to for a weekend, even if it is just a few hours fishing in your favourite spot. Here is a list of tips to get you started and away!

  image: Merimbula Beach

1.     Be spontaneous. Just go for a drive! You don’t have to have a destination in mind. Stop at lookouts and information centres. Look at stuff a couple towns over that you always meant to look at. Go fishing, have a picnic, stop for tea.

2.     Visit a local attraction. Chances are, you haven’t been in ages.

3.     Go away for the weekend. Head to the coast or to your favourite spot in a national park. A change of scenery is always good!

4.     Go camping. It doesn’t matter if the camp spot is only half an hour away from home. Get away from the WiFi and the technology and have fun with just the basics. Camping is also an inexpensive option!

5.     Be a gourmet traveler. Spend the weekend sampling all the yummy things you can find within a few hours drive. Visit wineries, obscure restaurants, markets and local food sellers. You can excuse the calories by supporting the local economy!

6.     Try something new. Wether it be an extreme sport or a scrap booking workshop. Give it a go, you might find a new hobby!

image: Jessica trying Archery

7.     Keep an eye out for things to do in local papers. Also almost every town now has a ‘what’s on’ webpage.

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