Travel Tips- Grand Canyon

Pretty much the Grand Canyon is a hole in the ground. However it is the most impressive hole you will ever see! The canyon is 466km long, 29 km wide and is 1.8km deep with walls of reddish rock that almost glow in the hot sun.

Situated in the desert in the state of Arizona there are a few ways to visit this stunning natural wonder, from flying over it, to walking or rafting through. Tours leave from a couple of places; however Las Vegas is probably the most popular.

The method I chose was a small twin engine plane from Vegas that flew over parts of the canyon and over the Hoover Dam, followed by a hop on, hop off shuttle service along Grand Canyon West. Here are a few recommendations for visiting the canyon.

1.     Don’t Fall asleep! If flying from Vegas you will probably be tired. Don’t doze off on the plane or bus or airport and miss things, it is too beautiful! Also your travel companions may think it is amusing to take pictures of you and post them on the internet.
If this happens, delete all evidence!

2.     Do the skywalk. At Grand Canyon West there is an attraction called the skywalk. This is a metal platform protruding out over the canyon with a glass floor. When you are standing out there it is a long way down!

3.     Take your Time! Take the opportunity to take it in. It’s a huge place! Every lookout and section has a different view, something new to look at. Stop and look around, don’t just rush off to the next spot.

4.     Be sun smart. You are out in the desert and will probably be outside quite a bit. Depending on the time of the year it can be very hot! Wear sunscreen and drink lots of water! Find shade where you can, some of the stops along the way have shady spots to sit and rest.

5.     Don’t skip it. If you are in the area and have never seen the Grand Canyon, don’t skip seeing it!