Surviving Economy Class Flying

So you have booked the flights, cheapest you can get, and now you are facing 10-16 hours sitting in a tiny seat, maybe even longer depending on where you are going. Flying sucks for us back in cattle class, but it is only a small discomfort to deal with to get to an amazing destination! Here are some tips from personal experience to get through it.

1. Be comfortable, but still look neat. Airlines are all raising their dress standards, especially for those in the higher classes. These changes are yet to hit economy, however as a rule, you should still be presentable. Those who look neat are more likely to be offered upgrades. Don’t wear your Pj’s to the airport! However, feel free to change during the flight.

2. Be Considerate. No one around you will enjoy hearing you laugh loudly at a funny movie. Don’t put your smelly feet on the armrest in front. Don’t recline immediately after eating, the person behind you could still be eating. Try and set a good example and don’t let anyone else get away with being rude.

3. Make an event of everything. Meal time? Stop doing whatever you were doing and pay attention to what you are eating. Time for a bathroom break? Take the time to brush your teeth or do your hair or stand in the aisle and stretch. Take the time to fill in all your immigration and customs forms. Use the neatest writing possible. That’s another 5 mins used! Don’t forget to pack a pen!

4. Embrace your inner couch potato. Are you the kind of person to spend the whole weekend on the couch watching whole seasons of shows? I am! Load up your tablet with all those seasons you haven’t seen yet. One season of Game of Thrones can get you 8-10 hours. Just make sure your flight has charging capabilities! Otherwise utilise the inflight entertainment. I personally like to watch the kids movies on the plane, and at 1 ½ hours each they can distract you for a while. There is also the old standby of a good book. The only bookshops around these days are in airports, so buy a new book!

5. Sleep. Yeah I know, sleeping on planes is almost impossible for some people. I find it difficult to sleep, however I force myself to attempt to at least close my eyes. Have a good neck pillow, use the eye mask and put on head phones with music that makes you calm. I try and make myself stay like this for 8 songs. If you fall asleep in that time, Bonus! Otherwise at least you have rested your eyes for a bit.

6. Stay hydrated and pay attention to hygiene. Flying dries you out and can also make your legs and feet swell with water retention. Try to drink as much water as you can. Water, not beer. Drinking water can stop you feeling so gross with the air-conditioning as well. As for hygiene, make sure you have gum or a tooth brush and roll on deodorant. Nobody likes sitting next to someone that’s smelly. Plus keeping up with this can use up a bit more time.

7. Stretch. Make sure that the blood is flowing to all of your limbs and you are not getting cramped up and sore. All airlines have guides for inflight exercises, so take the time to give them a go.