Cruise Tips

Cruises are easy. I go so far as to say that cruising is the easiest holiday you could have. All you have to do is book it and get to the terminal on the right day and time. For the duration of the cruise you don’t have to worry about hotel changes, transfers, cleaning, cooking, childcare or entertainment; everything is there for you.

Carnival Cruise Line

Depending on the type of traveller you are, there is a cruise for you! Families, retirees, couples and groups of friends, luxury or budget or anywhere in between. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when booking, and going on a cruise.

1.     Consider your cabin location. Cruise ships are pretty stable, but there can be some movement in rough seas. If you don’t know how you will react to this, then choose a room on a middle deck and mid-ships. These rooms will have less movement.

2.     Get Insurance. Just because there is a doctor on board does not mean you shouldn’t get travel insurance. The doctor on the ship is not cheap, but you can claim back on your insurance for injuries and such depending on your cover. Check your cover levels are suitable for cruising and your needs.

3.      Seasickness. See point 1 and 2. However, if you do have a history of motion sickness, or are concerned you will be sick, visit your doctor before you leave. Other options include over the counter travel sickness tablets and acupressure bands for your wrists. Whatever works for you, it is best to organise it before you get onboard.

4.     Dining. Unless you get room service or eat in a specialty restaurant, all meals are included on a cruise. The main two options being a buffet and a sit down restaurant/dining room. I suggest you try both and decide what works for you. The buffet is quick, easy and varied. The dining room is more structured, the service brilliant and personalised, but can take a longer time. In either, you can have has many desserts as you want and they wont stop you!

Bucket of Prawns

5.     Entertainment. The biggest concern people worry about is boredom. They worry about not having enough to do on sea days. Boredom is not really an option on cruise ships! The kids go to kids club (included in their fare) and often have such a good time they ask to go. As for adults, PARTICIPATE! Trivia, bingo, movies, gyms, spas, games, books, organised activities, seminars and live shows almost every night. Then there is just relaxing on deck or a visit to one of the many bars.

Segway obstacle course

6.     Destinations. The cruise staff will let you know all sorts of information about your destinations, usually the day before. Take note of things such as currency accepted, customs restrictions and local attractions. Tours can be booked at the point of booking the cruise right up to the morning of the tour, though the later it is left the higher the possibility the tour will be booked out. You don’t need to do tours to leave the ship at each port. You are free to wander the area, Just don’t be late back!

There is so much to know about cruises. It really depends on the type of traveller you are and what cruise line you wish to use. Talk to your local agent (ahem) and they can answer anything you need to know about cruising

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