25% Off Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance Snowboard

Here at Alpine World we believe that Safety is the best policy. That’s why we offer 25% of travel insurance to Everyone travelling with Alpine World. We can provide you with an obligation free quote, to make your travel planning more hassle free.



When should I buy my travel insurance?

You should buy your Travel Insurance when you confirm your travel dates and before you make your first payment. This way if you are injured or fall into unforeseen financial hardship in the time leading up to your travel, any cancellation costs are covered by insurance.



Why should I buy my insurance through Alpine World?

Travel insurance for international travel is important to cover various travel risks. A lot of typical travel policies including credit card travel insurance do not cover basic snow related travel, let alone things like back country evacuations and excess luggage insurance*.
At Alpine World we offer specialised travel insurance for skiers and snowboarders heading overseas on holidays.

Domestically it is still important to purchase travel insurance. Medical expenses are covered by medicare or private health cover, though cancellation fees and holiday costs that you may not need due to injury are not unless you have travel insurance.



*not included in all policies